Q. Do I need to wash my fabric?

A. I test all my fabrics to see if they are dye fast by dipping a corner of the fabric into boiling water. Should you need to pre-wash your fabric then use a spray starch (sizing) to replace the dressing.

Q. Is there a special thread I should use?

A. I prefer to use a fine cotton thread when appliquéing cotton fabric. Guttermann have a new cotton thread on the market. I use this for all my hand appliqué projects.

Q. What needle should I use for appliqué?

A. Today there are special appliqué needles on the market often referred to as sharps. The only difference between a quilting needle and an appliqué needle is the length. An appliqué needle is longer and allows you to sculpt the turning allowance under without using your fingers! I personally prefer to use Clover Gold Eye Appliqué needles as they are stronger and don't bend as much as other needles on the market.

Q. Do I laser-cut my pre-cut kits?

A. No, I use Gingher 5in. tailor-point scissors. The short pointed blade enables me to cut out the most intricate Hawaiian Appliqué designs for a 1/8, 1/6 and 1/4 fold.

Q. Which is the best wadding for my projects?

A. I prefer to use Hobbs Thermore Wadding for all of my projects. This is the lightest wadding on the market and is guaranteed not to beard. I also find this particularly useful as I have arthritic fingers and this is so much easier to hand quilt. Also ideal for machine quilting!