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with Maggie Davies

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Textile Artist





From an early age Maggie remembers being interested in Embroidery and English Patchwork. Her love of hand stitching has continued to this day!

In 1987 Maggie gave up working as an Intensive Care nurse to accompany her husband to Munich, Germany. Whilst living near an American base she became interested in American Patchwork and joined a Quilting Bee. The quilting frame, unlike today, was made of four long pieces of wood anchored in each corner with clamps!

On returning to the UK in 1990, Maggie enrolled at Bromley College for Part 1 Patchwork & Quilting and Preparing Working Designs with Dinah Travis and Pat Salt who provided such great inspiration. At the same time she attended Berkshire College for City & Guilds 730 Teacher's Certificate. On her return from a second tour in Munich in 1995, Maggie enrolled at Windsor College for Embroidery Part 1 and Part 2 with Jan Beany and Jean Littlejohn and was awarded the Diploma of Stitched Textiles in 2002. Since then Maggie has been a Judge Co-ordinator for Grosvenor Shows Ltd.

In 2004, following a visit to Hawaii for research, she published her book on Contemporary Hawaiian Appliqué which has been recognised by Quilters all over the world as the standard reference book on Hawaiian Quilting techniques. Uniquely, the book has both images for right and left-handed stitchers and takes the mystery out of how to achieve successful needle turned edges, perfect points, inward V's, and smooth curves. Over the past two decades Maggie has been designing Hawaiian Appliqué, English Floral, Intarsia, Bonded Appliqué and Hand Quilting patterns.

Comments on Maggie's method from fellow quilters and students:

'Your method for making sharp, crisp points is absolutely the best appliqué tip I have ever received. It's great, and my points are perfect now. Thank you.'
Texas, USA

'I've always feared needle turn appliqué, but after your demonstration I made a small Hawaiian piece and was very happy with it. It's possible to see a significant difference between where I started and where I ended. Thank you very much indeed.'
Devon, England

'My project will have lots of points because I enjoy them so much now.'
Hertfordshire, England

'I thought I could do appliqué until I took Maggie's class. She teaches invisible (and I really do mean invisible) stitching and perfect points (they really are perfect). Her methods are very, very good. I don't think you could have a better teacher in handwork.'
Stockholm, Sweden

'I came across your book accidentally while surfing the web recently. I must tell you of all the books on the topic I own, I like yours the best. Not only is it a great reference for everyone who loves Hawaiian quilting but reading the story has bought back memories of my quest to learn Hawaiian quilting.'
Dr T Hooten, USA

It only takes a few pages to discover the inspiration and the many creative possibilities of Hawaiian Appliqué with Maggie's new book Contemporary Hawaiian Appliqué.

Designs are also included in the Machine & Embroidery Magazine issue July/August 2006